Orlando's Largest Flash Mob

Have you ever been at the mall or walking down a populated street and everyone around you just breaks out in song or dance?? I haven't personally, but I have watched enough events on youtube to wish I had. 

Flash mobs have become wildly popular in this new millennia. These acts of creativity draw people's attention and send them home with a lasting impression. You may be wondering why I am blogging about such an event... Well, I have been given an amazing opportunity to be the event director of "Orlando's Largest Flash Mob." Cool, right?! I am teaming up with NutterQuib Entertainment to produce a show stopping event right here in Orlando, Fl. 

When you start planning a public event based on the entertainment of others, the first thing to decide is how to get everyone's attention. With a flash mob, its all about theatrical performances and song choice.  It didn't take much research to find out what is trending today. If you turn on your radio or head out to the night club, the one song that I can guarantee you'll hear is Gangnam Style. Psy has swept the nation and is at the top of the charts with his new hit single. The extremely catchy tune has a very interesting dance to accompany it. Once people hear the song, I am sure a few spectators will start dancing along. We thought this would be the perfect song choice! Of course, we will add our own twist to things, but I'm going to leave that part a surprise! 

Organizing an event like this takes just as much effort as any other event. Setting up a team to help with different aspects will definitely help you out in the long run. Find people who specialize in the areas that you are not strongest in so things can run smoothly (and you won't have to stress about it!) Get as many people aboard as you would like. The larger the production, the bigger the impact! Choose a well populated place, and if indoors, make the venue aware of your plans. Meet with your crew about the logistics of the entire production. Since the execution is the most important part, find out all of the specific details of the venue, music and the dance itself to ensure success! 

A few things to remember: Communication is key!! When scheduling rehearsals or meetings, delegate a reliable person to contact everyone a few days before and the day of. That way no time is wasted and everyone is up to date on information. Also, make sure you execute your idea well to your team and everyone involved. You want your ideas to shine through everything that you organize. After all, it is your event! And lastly, don't forget to have fun!! 

Orlando's Largest Flash Mob will be nationally aired by The Daily Buzz. Check your local listings! You are not going to want to miss this! I will continue to give updates on my Twitter and Facebook pages as the show approaches! 

For more information about how to be involved, check out our Facebook event page or shoot an email to orlandoflashmob@gmail.com.


  1. Alyssa ,

    Unrelated question, but I am trying to plan a Christmas Party Jolly Off Palooza with a rival friend of mine. Like you, she is an excellent party planner. Any advice with planning Christmas parties? I want to Jingle All The Way to 1st place for this throw down.

  2. Cullen,

    I find it interesting that you brought that up. I am actually going to be blogging about holiday gatherings and how to make your party stand out from all of the others. It is like you read my mind! But of course, I don't want to give any of that away just yet... So, I guess you are going to have to wait and find out! ;) Until then, good luck!!

    Love always,



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