Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

So you have been with your boyfriend for quite some time and you know that you couldn’t imagine life without him. Maybe he has been dropping hints about wanting to settle down and get married. Ok... let’s face it, you are the one dropping hints about taking the next step. 

It is now his job to buy you a pretty engagement ring as his promise and dedication to love you for the rest of his life. But to be honest, most guys are completely clueless when it comes to picking out an engagement ring for their lady. And going into the jewelry store with no experience can be very overwhelming. This is the part where you should have a good idea of what you would want. If you want to be surprised, you can drop hints about what you like without being too specific. It is good for both of you to understand the most important features of an engagement ring.

I am not trying to turn you into a diamond expert here, but I will provide you with the basics so you and your man have some idea of what is going on in the jewelry store.

Important information to know about diamonds...

Cut and Carat are the most well known by the general public. The cut is referred to a few different things. The cut grade is based off of how the diamond interacts with the light. The better the cut, the more sparkly your diamond will be. More commonly, we refer the shape of the diamond to the cut.
Popular Cuts (shapes): round, princess, cushion, oval, marquise, emerald, pear, and heart

Some of my advice: Try different styles on. You might love the look of a princess cut, but the marquise cut may look the best on your finger! Be open to different shapes and styles. You may surprise yourself!

Carat is defined as how much the diamond actually weighs. 200 milligrams is the standard metric carat. You will also want to try on different carats. Obviously, the more carats, the bigger the price tag, so you will need to be careful if you are on a budget. However, just like cut, different size carats will look better on your own finger.
Color and Clarity are two elements that the jewelers will be able to help explain so you better understand. But for the best possible results, you want your diamond as colorless and clear (without any inclusions or blemishes) as possible.

Now that you know a little bit more information about diamonds, here comes the fun part. As I am sure you know, there are millions of different ring settings out there. How do you know which one is best for you? Keep in mind that there are solitaires, three stones, side stones, diamond band and pave. How sparkly do you want your finger to be? Do you want a gold, white gold or platinum band? The choices are endless!

There are also Bridal sets that come with both an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. This saves trouble trying to find a band later, and it is usually at a lower price since it is in a set.

I hope this was informational and inspiring. Feel free to share this information with your man!! He wants nothing more than for you to be happy with your ring. And after all, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life! ;) If you have any additional questions about how to pick out a ring, please feel free to contact me!


  1. Hi There Alyssa!

    Thank you for the tips and pointers on how to pick out the perfect engagement ring! You are right, every person is unique so it is important to design a ring that best fits a bride's unique spirit and the couple's over all personality. In my case, (which is kind of rare), my boyfriend actually knew more about the four C's then I did! Until reading your blog post, I knew what the four C's were, but I had no revelation about them nor was I aware of how they each coincide with the other.

    Cut, clarity, color, and carat are all so important. I personally would like a tiffany style engagement ring, and I care about the quality of the color and clarity more than the carat size. Thanks to you, I am aware of that now and I can properly communicate that to my boyfriend next time we go ring shopping together!

    I love Plans to Inspire! Please keep the posting up! This blog is truly beneficial to any gal or guy in search of engagement and wedding planning tips!

    Best always!

    Ryane Cheatham


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