Green with Envy

Oh, how I love fall! The cooler weather, changing leaves, bonfires, and pumpkin flavored... well, everything. But what I love most of all are the color palettes. As much as I love bright colors, my wardrobe contains a lot of neutrals. The colors of fall may be subtle, but they are beautiful and can be very elegant.

Other than the obvious red, orange and brown, there are a few other colors stealing the spotlight this year. Green is topping the leader board for the most popular color this season. Different hues like olive and emerald are common options for the fall. However, mint has been one of the colors of the year and will remain in the color schemes this fall.  

Green is more than just a favorite color to some. Brides may choose their color scheme by representation if certain phrases and meanings are important to the couple or their wedding day. When planning a themed wedding, brides may choose green for nature or an outdoor wedding. In that case, green can be paired with ivory and/or brown. For fall, adding in orange as an accent will make objects pop and feel seasonal. Green also represents health, good luck and tranquility. Green can be paired perfectly with brown, cream, gold, orange and pink.

According to Pantone, other popular color palettes for fall 2013 are Koi, Acai, Samba, Carafe, and Turbulence. Koi, Acai and Samba will brighten up any fall day with an intense pop of color. You can use them as a primary or accent color. Carafe and Turbulence are more subtle, but paired with the right accent color, they will make your wedding palette something to remember. Green can make a great accent color with Koi, Acai, Carafe and even Turbulence. 

However you may choose to incorporate green in your palette, it will not go unnoticed and will be the talk of the party. If you have any questions about choosing palettes, please feel free to send me a message!


  1. You have a real knack for this Alyssa. Whoever reads these things are surely getting loads of information, no doubt in my mind you are inspiring everyone who comes across this blog ! =) Great post !


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