Green with Envy

Oh, how I love fall! The cooler weather, changing leaves, bonfires, and pumpkin flavored... well, everything. But what I love most of all are the color palettes. As much as I love bright colors, my wardrobe contains a lot of neutrals. The colors of fall may be subtle, but they are beautiful and can be very elegant.

I'm Ready to Party!

When it comes to planning a reception, the topic with the largest debate is always the bar. It can be very expensive for a couple to pay for an open bar for all of the guests. It is also an issue for some couples that are more conservative, but want their friends to have a great time but do not want Uncle Larry on the groom's side to get wasted and start dancing on the kids' tables. However, an open bar seems to be the most popular option as most guests often expect it. 

Applying Expert Advice

During my research on business plan experts, I began collecting advice to use in my own plan. I think it is important to take advice from other people in the industry who have either created a few start-up companies or have reviewed and funded start-up companies because they know what is important to include and emphasize. This saves you the headache of not knowing how investors will react because you are uncertain if you have the correct information.

Business Plan Experts

Writing a business plan can be a long and difficult process for new entrepreneurs. It is helpful to do some research and seek professional help from experts in business plan writing or reviewing to ensure your business plan is up to par with the rest of the industry.  I chose to highlight two writing and reviewing experts and share their advice about start-up companies.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

So you have been with your boyfriend for quite some time and you know that you couldn’t imagine life without him. Maybe he has been dropping hints about wanting to settle down and get married. Ok... let’s face it, you are the one dropping hints about taking the next step. 

Thinking Outside of the Cake Box

While I was at Epcot this weekend, I was inspired to write this blog. We stopped in France for some pastries and coffee. Mind=blow! If you are looking for a unique way to customize your wedding cake or dessert bar, you have come to the right place! Couples have been straying away from tradition and provide different dessert options for their guests. From cupcake wedding cakes to a full sugar free dessert bar, couples are customizing their selections to reflect their style and personality.

Flower Power

Wedding season is in full swing! Beautiful churches and many other venues are filled with people witnessing the marriage between two lovebirds. There are many elements that make a wedding beautiful, but one of my favorite décor pieces are the flowers.

Teamwork Can Inspire

Although you may think that you can plan your wedding all by yourself, sometimes the outcome could be greater if you had someone to help fire and execute ideas.

Saying Yes to the Dress(es)

Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably the most important process for a bride’s big day. However, there are a lot more decisions involved in the procedure than one might be aware of. TLC has done a great job documenting some of these special moments in their reality show, “Say Yes to the Dress.” The owners and consultants of Kleinfeld’s and Bridals by Lori take the audience through the everyday appointments of their business. The publicity from this series has easily made both salons the most popular bridal shops in the country. This is definitely my favorite show on television!

Negotiation tips

Negotiation is an important skill that everyone in business needs to be familiar with. I was able to do some research from different podcasts and I have provided a summary of each. I hope you find some insight in my discoveries! Happy negotiating!

Staying on Budget

You’re engaged!! It is now socially acceptable to start planning for your wedding. But where to start?! One scary word: Budget. When it comes down to it, your budget is going to be the structure for your entire day, from where you will say ‘I do,’ and the dress you will wear to what food your guests will eat and how “high quality” your entertainment will be. The average wedding cost in 2012 was approximately $26,989, but this obviously depends on your vision, style and financial situation. So if you haven’t done so already, sit down with your fiancé, and you’re families (if they are chipping in) and establish a solid budget. Ready, GO!

Girl, Look at That Body!

The time has come. You have dreamed of this day your entire life. All eyes will be on you, and many pictures will be taken to document every moment of the celebration. You want to look your best, not only for your guests, and your new husband, but most importantly, for yourself!

The Planning 411- Bridal Associations

The world of weddings can be very overwhelming for new brides and planners alike. Luckily, there are many resources provided bridal associations to help!

Act of Passion

Attention Gentlemen: Please hang tight while I have a heart to heart with the ladies, continue reading though, there is some good insight that may help you out in the long run! ;)

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