Winter Engagement Shoot

There is nothing like the holidays that brings people closer together. As romance lingers in the air, many guys have the strong urge to confess their love to the woman of their dreams and finally pop the question. Most couples are not able to document the proposal, but more couples are taking engagement pictures to create lasting memories. What says romantic memories quite like magic moments in the snow? Well the holiday season is in full swing and the snow is beginning to make its appearance. I love engagement shoots simply because it is a very exciting time for the couple. Appointments are usually made a few weeks after the proposal, and since it is early in the process, it eliminates most of the stress of the wedding planning. 

I had the great privilege of being on the set of an engagement shoot for a wonderful couple this weekend. I was asked to be the artistic director to oversee the session. We spent most of the day outside in the beautiful weather. The whole shoot was a lot of fun and although it is the end of November and I anticipated snow, I quickly realized it wasn't going to snow anytime soon down here in Orlando, Fl. But for the rest of you in colder regions, winter is a great time to have your engagement pictures taken!

I have a few quick tips for the couple that may be new to photo shoots. It is nothing to be afraid of and you should be comfortable throughout the session. It really is a fun process! You are going to want to speak with the photographer beforehand to give them an understanding of who you are as a couple. When they know your likes, dislikes and sense of character, they are able to make the photo shoot comfortable for you and portray who you are as a couple. When working with the photographer, try to convey some of your own ideas. If there is a specific pose or theme you want, be sure to let them know so they can plan ahead! If you aren’t sure of specific shots, the photographer will always have some ideas!

As with any engagement shoot, plan your outfits accordingly! The two of you don’t have to match exactly, but coordinating colors work best. Don’t forget to dress warmly! Your shoot can take anywhere from 3 hours up to 6 hours! If you plan on being outside in the snow, it would benefit you to bundle up! (But if not, it gives you an excuse to get closer with each other!)

Here are a few winter engagement shoot ideas: Be playful! Snow can bring out the kid in anyone. Stage a snowball fight, make snow angels and take a sled down the hill. On the other hand, snow is very romantic, so cuddle up close, draw hearts in the snow, walk hand-in-hand, and don’t forget the kissing! You can also head inside to warm up for a while and take some shots in a ski lodge by the fireplace, or in a local coffee shop with some hot cocoa.

I hope you find some of these ideas helpful when planning your own engagement shoot! Always remember to have fun and be yourselves. The best pictures will perfectly portray both of your personalities and your love for each other! Stay warm and God Bless! 


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