Applying Expert Advice

During my research on business plan experts, I began collecting advice to use in my own plan. I think it is important to take advice from other people in the industry who have either created a few start-up companies or have reviewed and funded start-up companies because they know what is important to include and emphasize. This saves you the headache of not knowing how investors will react because you are uncertain if you have the correct information.

Andrea Cockerton gave some great advice about getting investors to finance a company. When pitching to the investors, you must let them know that you are confident in your product or service and that you know what you are doing to get consumers to gain loyalty to your company. In my business plan, I made a statement about understanding the need for my service in the growing industry. As the health and fitness industry continues to grow, the want and need of all-inclusive fitness centers are also growing. Investors will appreciate the research done and will be more confident in financing a company in a growing industry. Andrea also believes that is important that investors know that your team is skilled and will be able to execute the business plan to its fullest extent. I will list all of the skills and qualifications of my team members in my business plan when presenting it to investors so they can get an understanding of who is working to pull the business together. The last bit of advice she gave was to make sure that you present your product, service or idea as groundbreaking. I have stated that there has not been permanent obstacle mud courses built for practice for the use of the general public. This is groundbreaking for the industry alone. However, I have also included a CrossFit box and a Paleo themed pub at the facility. This business should draw attention to the investors to finance the needed start-up costs.

I think the most important sections for my investors to view are the market trends and competitive advantages. This will help them understand the need for services and how it will be groundbreaking for the industry. The competitive advantages will show the benefits Cro-Magnon will provide over the other obstacle mud runs and CrossFit boxes.



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