Flower Power

Wedding season is in full swing! Beautiful churches and many other venues are filled with people witnessing the marriage between two lovebirds. There are many elements that make a wedding beautiful, but one of my favorite décor pieces are the flowers.

Some of the most important advice I can give is to try and shop for flowers in season. If you don’t know much about flowers, call a local florist, or do some research online.

Just like certain colors are best in certain seasons, specific flowers not only grow during particular months, they look best in season. For this summer season, you will be seeing a lot of roses, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, peonies and many others. Now, a lot of flowers can come in any color you want. There are also flowers that have a similar look that can be a huge difference in price. If there is a specific flower you want and it is not in season for your wedding day, by all means, get the flowers you want! Just know that you will be paying a lot more for them.
There are a few options when it comes to buying and arranging flowers; florist, wholesale or DIY. Here is a short breakdown of each:

If you need more help with picking out flowers to match your theme, how to arrange them, or just have a ton of questions, I would recommend contacting a florist. Local florists, depending on your location, can be an affordable experience with consultation. They all have packages to help guide you in the right direction. Orlando Florists even uses floral app to make browsing and shopping easier.

Wholesale flowers can be quite beneficial if you are using a whole bunch of flowers in your ceremony, reception and for the entire bridal party. Sites like fiftyflowers.com have pages for wedding flowers and arrangements. They also have packages that can be designed specifically for your own wedding. They do have live support if you have any questions. Everything is well organized and you can search by color and season as well. It is definitely something to look into if you are on a budget and need a lot of flowers!

DIY can be tricky if you don’t know much about flowers or how to put together arrangements. However, if you have a great eye for detail and know you can make your arrangements great by yourself, then it is another great option. This works best if you only need a few flower arrangements or flowers for the bridal party. It can be very stressful if you have a lot of arrangements to make on top of all of the other duties that have to be done before the wedding. Don’t take on too much!!

Choose the option that makes you feel the most comfortable. And always remember to ask for help if you need it! Brides should not feel stressed about the planning of their wedding. It should be a happy and exciting time for you! If you have any other questions or want to know more details about flowers and arrangements, please feel free to send me a message!


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