Teamwork Can Inspire

Although you may think that you can plan your wedding all by yourself, sometimes the outcome could be greater if you had someone to help fire and execute ideas.

Deliver results through people! If you are looking for someone who knows a lot about the wedding industry, the most obvious person to look to is a wedding planner. Whether you know exactly how you want everything to look, or seriously do not a clue where to even begin, your planner will be able to help you every step of the way. You might think that you have to have small centerpieces on your tables because you wouldn’t like the look, or couldn’t possibly afford tall, elaborate centerpieces. However, your planner may be able to show you some examples that may actually be cheaper than your original idea that you love so much more. Or, you think you want a royal blue as a base color with a green accent, but your planner helps you realize that you are really looking for a navy blue.

I do understand that not every bride wants to use, or can afford to use a wedding planner. You can still ask others to help you with details! Gather a few ideas from your best friend, your mom, maybe even your fiancé (we all know he won’t want to help much anyway) and try to combine them with your own ideas. And as simple as it sounds, check out sites like Pinterest, The Knot and for décor and themes used in real weddings. You can see what you like, what works, and what colors that you think look horrible together. Having a strong opinion and vision of how you want your day to be will help tremendously!

Don’t be ashamed or too proud to ask for someone else’s opinion! You want your day to be the best it possibly can be! 


  1. Hi Alyssa,
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