Staying on Budget

You’re engaged!! It is now socially acceptable to start planning for your wedding. But where to start?! One scary word: Budget. When it comes down to it, your budget is going to be the structure for your entire day, from where you will say ‘I do,’ and the dress you will wear to what food your guests will eat and how “high quality” your entertainment will be. The average wedding cost in 2012 was approximately $26,989, but this obviously depends on your vision, style and financial situation. So if you haven’t done so already, sit down with your fiancé, and you’re families (if they are chipping in) and establish a solid budget. Ready, GO!

…A few hours later…

Alright, now lets take a look at a list of everything that should be covered by your budget. This list is pretty extensive, and not every couple chooses to have all of these products and services as a part of their day. So the next step is to go through and decide what is realistic. Talk about your priorities and what you know you don’t think is necessary to make your day exceptional.

You can still have a gorgeous, low cost wedding without sacrificing quality. Your guest list can have a huge impact on how the rest of the budget can be spent. When figuring out your cost per person, you may be overwhelmed. You are allowed to trim down your list! Your mom insists that you invite her co-worker’s sister’s cousin twice removed? Well, you can send them an announcement, and maybe to the ceremony, but they don’t necessarily have to be at the reception. People are more likely to understand today that budgets are tight, and reception sizes are limited. But, by sending them the announcement, they at least know you remembered them, and will most likely send you a wedding gift anyway. ;) By getting married in the off- season (November-March), reception sites and most other wedding service vendors (i.e. florists, photographers, DJs) will often have cheaper rates. Do some research to get the best deal for you!

Be the smart bride that you are. Think ahead of the game! Make sure you find out ALL of the costs beforehand. Factor in the little stuff (like stamps!!) and gratuities for each service you will use. And most importantly, keep track of your expenses! Using a wedding budget tracker is super easy and will help you stay within budget!

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Happy Planning! 


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